Glass by Ellen Hopkins

So Glass by the ever so great Ellen Hopkins was almost, maybe, even possibly, better than the first book? I think? I was so gripped the whole time right until the (i was personally just waiting for it to happen) end. Kristina made the biggest mistakes one after another to fuel her addictions and it really made me look at myself and my life, my habits, which aren’t meth, but aren’t great still. I can’t wait to listen to these books again and the next Ellen Hopkins books I’m considering Impulse. 

E-Reader Thoughts?

So I’m finally getting another e-reader after my previous one bit the dust years ago. I’m thinking the Kobo Aura H2O, then I can read in the bath tub too or won’t have to worry about dust build up or spillage. But I’m still not sure. I was really hoping for one in colour for my graphic novels but it will do, it’ll be great to have access to so much. I’m going to spend my days reading everything I can get my hands on so give me some ideas!

So tell me, do you have any e-readers which you love, or hate for that matter? Let me know!

Meaning of life. 

That sounds so profound but what I mean is I need to do something with my life, besides sitting here every day getting high and drinking and taking one too many anxiety pills.. This debilitating condition is isolating me and making me crazy and make some bad decisions. I will not be another depressed alcoholic pill popping young adult. Everything has just been so boring lately and I’ve been lonely so what is there better to do?  

This girl is in need of a pep talk !

Book Review: Crank by Ellen Hopkins // Craze for Audible

This book was incredible. I listened to it for 2 days straight, that’s all I did for two days. Listened. It was absolutely captivating. I had tried to read it previously but couldn’t get into the idea of free form poetry forming a consecutive story. But Laura Flanagan narrates it impeccably and I was able to get right into the story; I’m glad I tried it again in a different format because I am in love with it. I can’t wait to get the second book, Glass, because the ending of this one was mind blowing and I can’t wait to see where Kristina’s life is headed.

Highly recommend! If you’re like me, and couldn’t get into reading the free form poetry then give it a listen on! That’s what I’ve been using for all these books. I was even able to return the book after I finished it and redeem it for another. That’s what I did when I finished Go Ask Alice and got Crank. Totally worth the $15 subscription monthly because I am in LOVE!! Lately I haven’t been able to get into reading books but the narration really helps and I can blog at the same time!

I strongly recommend giving Audible a shot! (Your first month is free by the way). And if you don’t love the book you can simply return it at any time in exchange for any other book! 🙂 I’m in love with this find

My latest obsession: My Sister’s Keeper

After finishing my last audiobook in about two days Crank by Ellen Hopkins, I immediately got My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult and I cannot stop listening. I’ve seen the movie before reading the book and had always heard the book was better and so far I definitely agree!

I am also listening to Nineteen Minutes as well but it’s been a slower read for me, not a bad book, but not as captivating.

So far My Sister’s Keeper is absolutely beautiful and wonderfully written, and the narrators capture the characters perfectly and really keep me captivated.

Do you have any books that just captivate you right from the start? Let me know!