I used to always get (and still sometimes do get) deja-vu. Mainly because, as crazy as it sounds, I was so intuitive that my dreams used to literally come true a week or two after having the dream. Frame for frame, it was always so surreal.
I don’t get it so often anymore, my meds really fuck up my dreams, it’s the weirdest thing. And lately its been all nightmares every night instead of pleasant thoughts. I wouldn’t ever wish one of my twisted nightmares to come true.

So tell me? Have you ever experienced deja-vu?


When life gives you lemons…

When asked to think of 3 alternate endings for “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” I immediately thought…

When life gives you lemons, throw them at your enemies…
When life gives you lemons, say fuck it and make apple juice…
When life gives you lemons, grab the tequila, it’s time for shots…

Spontaneous business.

If I were to up and open a business right now, out of everything I would choose to open a bakery. Nothing makes me happier than baking; it really takes my mind off everything and anything going on in my life. I would name it Rainy Day Bakery and we would have a special raindrop cupcake. I would take custom orders and make beautiful cakes similar to cake boss (only smaller, of course). That would be the dream.

If you could spontaneously open any business right this very minute, what would you choose?

If I could write 5 autobiographies…

If I had to choose 5 people to write biographies on, with full access to all the details of their lives my choices would be…

  1. Florence Nightingale
  2. Florence Welch (from Florence and the Machine)
  3. My grandma
  4. My mom
  5. and my Dad

I know it seems cliche to want to know about your parents lives but mine never really talked much about it, and the little bits I did hear were pretty interesting. So I’ve always wanted to learn more about them. My grandmother was in the military where she met my grandfather and she travelled a lot but that’s about all I know. Her stories are so interesting though!! I choose Florence Welch because I am obviously the hugest fan of her beautiful voice. Her music makes me feel things, beautiful things. I really resonate with her  music and relate to it deeply. Ceremonials is by far my favourite album, the lyrics are so intense and the music videos are breathtaking and moving. I am at my happiest when listening to Florence. And finally, the nursing student in me who’s done multiple projects and read plenty on the great Florence Nightingale would love to have an all access pass to her life. To gain knowledge from her as a primary source would be absolutely beautiful.

So tell me, if you could write a biography on anyones life with an all access pass to everything you want to know, who would it be?

A friend in need…

When a friend needs cheering up I try to focus on laughter and happy distractions. I always find it’s easier to take your mind off things when you’re having a laugh.

Earlier this week my friend was upset over a grade she got on a test in college, instantly I blew up her phone with memories and laughs. Like when we stole the Snack Shack sign from the beach, and how I was the only one that would have that sign now and how now we always have a story together that I explain whenever someone asks why the hell i have the Snack Shack sign in my kitchen. She was cheered up in no time.

I like to think I’m good when it comes to cheering up friends, I’m usually the one they come to and I think I see why. There’s so much happiness and joy in our memories and I’m always making sure that we never forget when times were simpler.

So tell me, how do you go about cheering up a friend in need? 🙂

My perfect pizza…

I’d have to say my absolute perfect pizza in detail would be a sweet chili thai chicken pizza with a gooey deep-fried brie stuffed crust..

My boyfriend used to make one similar for me when we worked together (except the deep fried brie was on the side instead of in the crust, but a girl can dream right?).

If I had to perfect it to live off it every day of my life the crust would have to be brie stuffed. no exceptions. It would have sweet chili thai sauce, lots of mozzarella cheese, diced up red and orange peppers, sweet red onion, cut up chicken strips cooked to perfection, tomatoes, and chives as a garnish. And as for the perfect dipping sauce? More sweet chili thai sauce and maybe some chipotle mayo. Yum

Now that’s a pizza to live off.

So tell me, what would your perfect pizza be, in detail? 🙂