Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman

I recently finished Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman and it was so brilliantly written that I figured it deserved a review. He captures the characters, scenes, and dialogue so well. It was an absolute delight to listen to. We all know audiobooks are my poison, I listen every night as I fall asleep – which can sometimes take hours when I get into a good book. Marvel shies in comparison to Gaiman with their renditions of the gods, I hadn’t truly realized how modernized the stories had become, but reading this I genuinely felt a connection to the book. I feel that listening to the book enhanced its impression on me given that Gaiman’s performance is so top notch. I could fall asleep listening to any of his books I think, as long as he’s the one reading it. All in all I would say it’s definitely worth the read 100%, so if you’re considering which book to pick up next I strongly suggest this one.


Oh impatience 

I went ahead and got impulse by Ellen Hopkins to keep me occupied for the night. I couldn’t resist ! So far so beautifully good. I think I’m going to get a lot from this book given that I can really relate to this one, at least a little. 

Review to come soon 🙂

Glass by Ellen Hopkins

So Glass by the ever so great Ellen Hopkins was almost, maybe, even possibly, better than the first book? I think? I was so gripped the whole time right until the (i was personally just waiting for it to happen) end. Kristina made the biggest mistakes one after another to fuel her addictions and it really made me look at myself and my life, my habits, which aren’t meth, but aren’t great still. I can’t wait to listen to these books again and the next Ellen Hopkins books I’m considering Impulse. 

Book Review: Crank by Ellen Hopkins // Craze for Audible

This book was incredible. I listened to it for 2 days straight, that’s all I did for two days. Listened. It was absolutely captivating. I had tried to read it previously but couldn’t get into the idea of free form poetry forming a consecutive story. But Laura Flanagan narrates it impeccably and I was able to get right into the story; I’m glad I tried it again in a different format because I am in love with it. I can’t wait to get the second book, Glass, because the ending of this one was mind blowing and I can’t wait to see where Kristina’s life is headed.

Highly recommend! If you’re like me, and couldn’t get into reading the free form poetry then give it a listen on! That’s what I’ve been using for all these books. I was even able to return the book after I finished it and redeem it for another. That’s what I did when I finished Go Ask Alice and got Crank. Totally worth the $15 subscription monthly because I am in LOVE!! Lately I haven’t been able to get into reading books but the narration really helps and I can blog at the same time!

I strongly recommend giving Audible a shot! (Your first month is free by the way). And if you don’t love the book you can simply return it at any time in exchange for any other book! 🙂 I’m in love with this find

My latest obsession: My Sister’s Keeper

After finishing my last audiobook in about two days Crank by Ellen Hopkins, I immediately got My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult and I cannot stop listening. I’ve seen the movie before reading the book and had always heard the book was better and so far I definitely agree!

I am also listening to Nineteen Minutes as well but it’s been a slower read for me, not a bad book, but not as captivating.

So far My Sister’s Keeper is absolutely beautiful and wonderfully written, and the narrators capture the characters perfectly and really keep me captivated.

Do you have any books that just captivate you right from the start? Let me know!

Go Ask Alice…

I had been told to read this book forever by friends so I finally gave it a crack and absolutely devoured it. I’ve never actually read a book based off of a real girl’s diary (I was never a fan of Bridget Jones or Anne Frank), but this one was different. Her struggles and decisions at such a young age resonated with me emotionally and I really connected. However, the end, after her last entry absolutely broke my heart I almost cried.
I had actually connected to this girl through her thoughts in her journal and I had felt the weight of the hardest times, and the joy in the lightest times and in the end initially my heart was happy at her last entry. I really thought about it deeply. I myself used to journal religiously every day when I was younger, but as I grew up I began confiding in real people, just as she sets out to do as well. But with the bitter end and never knowing whether it was an accidental OD or premeditated, it left me fucked up I’m not gonna lie.
I still have my battles with drugs here and there, never to that extent (green is good, that’s all) but to think of a girl so young struggling so severely with drugs and the pressure of her peers so much is heart breaking. To read about young children having drugs pushed onto them at such a young age or threatening to drug someone without their knowledge is really fucked up and heart breaking.

Bottom line: One of the best books I’ve ever read. 100% would recommend to anyone looking for an intense, beautiful, and somewhat tragic read.

Wytches, Volume 1


Wytches, Volume 1 by Scott Snyder was the very first graphic novel I read. I had been wanting to branch out and read different things, the usual novels weren’t calling to me like usual so I took a walk through the graphic novels section at Chapters and instantly picked up Wytches. Again, another novel I finished in one sitting. The story was chilling, gripping; I recommend this graphic novel to anyone who loves horror and mystery, graphic novel readers or not. It converted me to the wonderful world of graphic novels just like it will anyone else!