If I could write 5 autobiographies…

If I had to choose 5 people to write biographies on, with full access to all the details of their lives my choices would be…

  1. Florence Nightingale
  2. Florence Welch (from Florence and the Machine)
  3. My grandma
  4. My mom
  5. and my Dad

I know it seems cliche to want to know about your parents lives but mine never really talked much about it, and the little bits I did hear were pretty interesting. So I’ve always wanted to learn more about them. My grandmother was in the military where she met my grandfather and she travelled a lot but that’s about all I know. Her stories are so interesting though!! I choose Florence Welch because I am obviously the hugest fan of her beautiful voice. Her music makes me feel things, beautiful things. I really resonate with her  music and relate to it deeply. Ceremonials is by far my favourite album, the lyrics are so intense and the music videos are breathtaking and moving. I am at my happiest when listening to Florence. And finally, the nursing student in me who’s done multiple projects and read plenty on the great Florence Nightingale would love to have an all access pass to her life. To gain knowledge from her as a primary source would be absolutely beautiful.

So tell me, if you could write a biography on anyones life with an all access pass to everything you want to know, who would it be?

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