My perfect pizza…

I’d have to say my absolute perfect pizza in detail would be a sweet chili thai chicken pizza with a gooey deep-fried brie stuffed crust..

My boyfriend used to make one similar for me when we worked together (except the deep fried brie was on the side instead of in the crust, but a girl can dream right?).

If I had to perfect it to live off it every day of my life the crust would have to be brie stuffed. no exceptions. It would have sweet chili thai sauce, lots of mozzarella cheese, diced up red and orange peppers, sweet red onion, cut up chicken strips cooked to perfection, tomatoes, and chives as a garnish. And as for the perfect dipping sauce? More sweet chili thai sauce and maybe some chipotle mayo. Yum

Now that’s a pizza to live off.

So tell me, what would your perfect pizza be, in detail? 🙂

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