A friend in need…

When a friend needs cheering up I try to focus on laughter and happy distractions. I always find it’s easier to take your mind off things when you’re having a laugh.

Earlier this week my friend was upset over a grade she got on a test in college, instantly I blew up her phone with memories and laughs. Like when we stole the Snack Shack sign from the beach, and how I was the only one that would have that sign now and how now we always have a story together that I explain whenever someone asks why the hell i have the Snack Shack sign in my kitchen. She was cheered up in no time.

I like to think I’m good when it comes to cheering up friends, I’m usually the one they come to and I think I see why. There’s so much happiness and joy in our memories and I’m always making sure that we never forget when times were simpler.

So tell me, how do you go about cheering up a friend in need? 🙂

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