Give me your recommendations !

So lately I’ve found my usual taste in novels has changed. The young adult books are usually all the same and too typical and boring, yet I find most the adult books to be about too simplistic topics and they just aren’t gripping. And then there’s graphic novels and manga which I’m absolutely in love with lately and I am proud to say my collection is growing vastly all the time. 

So, if you’ve read any good books lately, give me some recommendations and I would love to check them out!! 

Help me recconect with my reading loveđź’• 

5 thoughts on “Give me your recommendations !

      1. You’re welcome. It’s a book that can be offensive to the more…er…easily offended type. I hope you enjoy it. Its one of those books that could either disgust you, infuriate you, or just make your stomach hurt from laughing so much. It’s a great book, though. A lot of symbolisms with the modern Japanese society. Anyway, pardon me. I’m babbling.

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