Back from the dead. 

Hello hello again.

I realize I’ve been completely MIA on the whole blogging thing, but let me fill you in here. School was crazy but luckily I was still getting straight As and I was thinking awesome I’m gonna be a full fledge nurse this time next year. But unfortunately, and very quickly, my mental health destabilized and I decided to withdraw. Which was the hardest decision of my life so far. So now I’m faced with the awfulness of change and diversion from the life plan I’ve had in place since I was 13. But I guess that’s the thing about mental health, it never stops changing and you can’t just ignore the issue. I tried ignoring it for years and just pushing through everything I could, but unfortunately, ignoring the fact that I needed help only made me lose myself further. Hopefully I will find a good outpatient program and I will grasp some coping strategies again because I just want to be a good nurse. I just want to get back on track with my plan. 

It feels like this will be the rest of my life, and I have so far to go before I can get my life back. 

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