Today I got a little wake up call. I stopped by a friends quick and like always there was people there. As I closed the door after me one girl immediately started laughing obnoxiously and said “that is one fat bitch”. I don’t know what her insecurity is to feel the need to attack another girl who’s a stranger, and didn’t say a word to her none the less. But the real wake up call here is for all of us women. Why are we so insecure and have self esteem issues? OTHER WOMEN. You know what I mean here ladies. How many of you have felt inferior or not good enough or not as happy as you could be with yourself because of the competition that is felt between us women? To be honest, most of my bullies in life, if not all, have been women. And what is the big deal with that? Ladies we are supposed to be standing TOGETHER and building each other up! This cattiness and feeling of superiority some girls have needs to be adjusted. 

We are all people, we are all human beings, we all just want to belong and to be accepted. So why are some of us so hellbent on making others feel the opposite?  

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