The Black Sheep

Alienation. It happens every day almost everywhere we go. My boyfriend has told me often that he is “the black sheep“, personally myself I have said this many times. People tend to avoid me like the plague and I never figured out why… I’m very sociable and always friendly, people see me as a social butterfly as I get along with nearly everyone. Yet somehow, as nice as I am, my personality is not seen from the outside. People do not tend to approach me generally. My mentors have told my I appear strained and unapproachable at times. I myself cannot understand this as I don’t feel I’m doing anything to offput anyone.. That makes me think then it must be me. 

But what makes this “black sheep” concept? Why does society conform to it and allow it to remain a mainstream concept? Why are cliques and groups such a concrete thing ? Personally, I believe, hang out with who you want, like who you want, be who the fuck you want. It doesn’t matter what society or anyone else thinks of you. There will always be the black sheep concept and always another black sheep. 

So in the end who cares? Fuck cliques and groups and stereotypes. Fuck being just another follower, allowing someone to consider themselves the black sheep. Be yourself and nobody else. 

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