Creativity, Where Did You Go?

I have always been the most creative in the family; I love it all, painting, drawing, pastels, writing, poetry, I play several instruments. If it’s creative or crafty, I love it. But lately I haven’t been able to find my inspiration, I feel as if my creativity has left me. I feel like university has killed my creativity, we are being taught to think like scientists, medical professionals; it isn’t exactly screaming individuality, imagination, or creativity… I want so bad to draw, and to paint, I know I have some great poems in me too.. but I just sit there in front of my sketchbook, canvas, or notebook and I see nothing. I think nothing. Nothing comes to me. This has never happened to me before and I could not be more frustrated! I thought buying all new supplies might spark something but sadly I have yet to create anything at all.

Is there a switch that I can just turn on? And just like that it will come back to me? Not being able to express myself artistically like I’m used to makes me feel like I’ve lost myself. Where do I turn to spark my inspiration? How can I fill up a sketchbook or paint a masterpiece in a day like I used to? I just want to feel like myself again. I just want my creativity, my self expression back.

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