Baseball and Boyfriends

Sports have always eluded me. I never played any as a kid although coaches weren’t too receptive to me joining the team… I was born with Cerebral Palsy, like the mildest case in medical history; Honestly I’m a normal person with no signs of the disease what so ever. I can work out, run, play, and I’m pretty smart if i do say so myself. At least I would hope so, being a future nurse and all. Anyways back to the point. The coaches never even let me try out, as soon as they heard “Cerebral Palsy” they said things like “it will be too comptetitive for her” or “I don’t think this is really for her..” I mean ouch right? Like come on people, I deserved a shot at least.

Anyways, the thing that started this whole post, I’m off to the baseball diamond to watch my boyfiend play. I enjoy watching and supporting him don’t get me wrong but it always reminds me of what I wanted to do as a kid but never got the oportunity to.. I don’t understand baseball at all, but I get the point of the game and that’s enough for me.

Who else out there has suffered from discrimination? How did it make you feel?

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