Mental Illness, It’s A Real Thing People

It absolutely kills me how some people actually believe mental illness is a mede up thing. “It’s to get attention”, “It’s all in your head” they say. No in fact it is not made up, it is not to get attention, and it is not all in our heads.

Anxiety is real. Depression is real, Agoraphobia, real. Bipolar, real. it is all very real. You think each one of us woud have chosen this? You are wrong. Mental illness is a prison. A personal hell for each sufferer. You say we are to blame? We say screw you. How could you understand something you’ve never lived or experienced?

The ones with mental illness that live each day and push their limitations, they are the true warriors of today’s fucked up society. To live each day as if nothing is wrong because of the stigma society places on mental illness is harder than anything. You, my fellow warriors can do it. You are stronger than a million armies. You can fight this battle. We can fight together.

I have learned that each day is a prize, a treasure, something to seize. Live each day as if it were your last my friends, because tomorrow is never guaranteed. Make the most of this time while we have it; you never really KNOW whats on the other side until it’s too late no matter what your beleifs are. If it happens to be nothing, I want to die knowing I lived THIS LIFE to the fullest.

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