I used to always get (and still sometimes do get) deja-vu. Mainly because, as crazy as it sounds, I was so intuitive that my dreams used to literally come true a week or two after having the dream. Frame for frame, it was always so surreal.
I don’t get it so often anymore, my meds really fuck up my dreams, it’s the weirdest thing. And lately its been all nightmares every night instead of pleasant thoughts. I wouldn’t ever wish one of my twisted nightmares to come true.

So tell me? Have you ever experienced deja-vu?

Spontaneous business.

If I were to up and open a business right now, out of everything I would choose to open a bakery. Nothing makes me happier than baking; it really takes my mind off everything and anything going on in my life. I would name it Rainy Day Bakery and we would have a special raindrop cupcake. I would take custom orders and make beautiful cakes similar to cake boss (only smaller, of course). That would be the dream.

If you could spontaneously open any business right this very minute, what would you choose?

Glass by Ellen Hopkins

So Glass by the ever so great Ellen Hopkins was almost, maybe, even possibly, better than the first book? I think? I was so gripped the whole time right until the (i was personally just waiting for it to happen) end. Kristina made the biggest mistakes one after another to fuel her addictions and it really made me look at myself and my life, my habits, which aren’t meth, but aren’t great still. I can’t wait to listen to these books again and the next Ellen Hopkins books I’m considering Impulse.